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Campaign Kickoff Letter

My Fellow Michigan Republicans:

I am writing to declare my candidacy to be your next Secretary of State.  

As your SOS, I will apply all of my knowledge and experience to assuring the integrity of our voting systems. I have extensive experience in economics, technology, management, think tanks and political leadership. This includes government and non-profit boards, biometrics in the Department of Defense, and performing the duties of Navy Comptroller.

I have also taken on numerous roles in support of our Party - as a Presidential appointee, precinct delegate, endorsed school board member. By far, the pinnacle of these activities was to serve our great state as a Trump Co-Chair and to represent Michigan as a National Elector and member of the Electoral College.

Last November, YOUR courageous Republican efforts in Michigan earned us all the opportunity to restore Constitutional principles and common sense to the way our nation is governed. As we have seen since our President's inauguration, elections only provide opportunities. The real work lies ahead, and our opposition never rests.

Holding hard-earned ground will depend on assuring future elections in Michigan. This is my principal motivation - to complete needed improvements to the integrity of our elections systems. I should add that this is also the reason the Democrats have the SOS in their sights - because integrity in elections will make it harder for them to win, everywhere. 

I am a problem solver, dedicated to the future of our state and ready to serve. It is my great honor to call Michigan home, to teach at one of her outstanding universities and to have the Michigan seal on my daughters’ degrees. We are a proud Michigan Family!

I look forward to the opportunity to earn your support over the coming months and I hope to visit with you more than once before the August 2018 convention. In the meantime, please freely reach out for any reason. My personal mobile number is (517) 275-0300.

Together, We Will Make Michigan Great Again! 


Committee to Elect Joseph Guzman
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